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IMG_1300My name is Claire Durrant and I’m a full time personal trainer (since 2004) and the motivating force behind SkyFit. I specialise in getting busy professional women into the shape of their lives, in the time that they have available (which often isn’t much), wherever and whenever is convenient – at home before the commute, in their office at lunchtime, in a hotel before a multi national conference, or on maternity leave when the baby naps.

Over the years and in my work as a PT and Bootcamp coach I have heard the same comments and questions from so many women:

  • I can’t fit exercise into my schedule, with my career, my kids, my social life…
  • I haven’t got an hour or two to get to the gym….
  • How do I stay motivated?
  • My routine is constantly interrupted by work travel or family commitments…
  • Nothing works…

SkyFit is the answer I found to all of these problems and it really is both as simple and as clever as it looks. It’s effective results-based training, completed in short bursts, it gives rather than drains energy, it is flexible in terms of time and place and your own busy life, it works!

I understand how hard it is juggling kids and career and family – I’m in the same boat as you. I was a teacher for many years before moving into health and fitness and finding answers for people who want to improve is what I inherently do –  I wanted to find an answer for all women like us, and I have. SkyFit!

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