Training with Skyfit not only gets results but you feel energised after each session. All this is achieved in the comfort of your own home. Don’t take our word for it, browse through some of the comments we’ve received below.

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“I met Claire last year while in Spain and she suggested SkyFit to me. I have a very busy job that requires travel and an ever changing schedule, so training from home two mornings a week is perfect for me. The convenience of just getting up, training and not having to pack a bag etc and go to the gym is invaluable. I just don’t have the time to commit two hours twice a week.

The results have been great, having one to one sessions also means that when work periods are busy I can still keep training, so there’s been no ‘falling off the wagon’ for any period of time. Claire is brilliant and very accommodating. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I’m delighted with the results.”

“What can I tell you about Claire – she is simply the best. She motivated me and believe me, that was the hardest part! She makes exercise fun and enjoyable and I looked forward to our training sessions. I really miss her since she moved away and so does my body!”

“Claire is a fantastic personal trainer. She helped me get into shape after I had my baby, ready for me to get married three months later. She geared my training around the baby and we even incorporated him into our workouts. She is definitely the only person that has ever made me feel fit. I’m sure she will be as successful with SkyFit as she was when she lived nearby!”

“I love my little gym at home with Claire! Sometimes I don’t love Claire so much but I guess this is good 🙂 I only had a few HIIT sessions with Claire before I had to have surgery on both my feet. Claire was super-supportive and adapted her training style completely to my needs. I can’t wait to fully workout again with her!! An additional bonus are the whatsapp fitness exercises we get every day and I must say, they work – the videos are very clear and I know what I have to do but also the positive group “pressure” does its magic – as all of Claire’s girls are on the same whatsapp group and we challenge each other. Very happy Claire got recommended to me via a work friend and I look forward to working out with her for a long time!”

“I love working with Claire – it’s been 6 months now and I haven’t got bored yet as Claire keeps changing what we do and instinctively knows when to challenge me with new exercises. The changes in my fitness levels and body shape are amazing. I have lost over a stone in weight but more importantly my thighs are much slimmer and toned and my bum has lifted and firmed. I always used to struggle to find trousers to fit me and now I am wearing skinny jeans! This is the only work out plan which fits easily into my work schedule and lifestyle and I intend to keep it as part of my weekly routine for a long time.”

“It’s absolutely great to start the day with a workout via Skype from home! Skyfit is absolutely brilliant, it only takes half an hour in the morning and you feel so much better after that you should all try it!!”

“I had my first lesson yesterday! It was short but very intense, no waste of time, no need of tools -just yourself, Skype, lots of your energy and super-Claire, of course.”

“When Claire lived in the UK she trained me regularly and was always on top of new techniques and the best way to get the shape you want from exercise programmes.  When Claire approached me for SkyFit.Me it felt perfect for me.  It was great to have a way where Claire could train me again and I loved the idea of regular 30 minute tough sessions over Skype.  It fits my lifestyle perfectly and I am a big fan of high impact, short burst training sessions.  I have been having regular sessions for 2 months now and the results are fantastic.  I am starting to see real shape in my legs and my fitness levels are at the highest they have been at for many years. The sessions are hard work, but really varied and the beauty is I can train wherever I am.”

“I met Claire whilst staying in Spain, thoroughly enjoyed the ever changing training sessions (3 x per week), when returning to the UK, SkyFit.Me was just about kicking off; it is the perfect solution for us busy peeps, for those who love to train but really find it a challenge to find a good trainer and most of all get results. SkyFit.Me is perfect solution for getting results and most of all getting you motivated to do it!!!”


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