Can I Do Sky Fit?


Is SkyFit for me?
Are you busy and short on time? Yes No
Does going out early in the morning put you off training? Yes No
Do you struggle to fit exercise into your schedule? Yes No
Would you like to be leaner? Yes No
Would you like to have more energy? Yes No
Do you like a challenge? Yes No
Do you enjoy variety and intensity when you exercise? Yes No
Do you dislike  the gym? Yes No
Are you paying a gym subscription you rarely use? Yes No
Would you like a personal trainer available to answer your questions? Yes No
Would you like guidance on nutrition? Yes No
Do you have internet/ Wi-Fi where you would normally train? Yes No
If NO then we are very sorry but SkyFit won’t work for you. 
Have a great day!
Lots of  YES’s?
SkyFit is definitely a great option for you, book a free consultation now!
Some YES’s, some NO’s ?
SkyFit might well suit you, have a no obligation chat with a trainer.
Lots of NO’s?
Then go out for a lovely long walk and have a think about other ways of exercising that would suit you; it sounds like SkyFit isn’t your answer!

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