How do I get started?

Download Skype for free, and contact SkyFit.Me to arrange your free consultation.

During the consultation if you feel SkyFit.Me is for you we book you a free trial session.

Try it out, we are sure you will be thrilled with SkyFit.Me!

Complete a couple of forms, arrange your training times, and get going.

What do I need?

To start with just a positive attitude, a couple of square metres to move in, a mat/towel and plenty of water.

As you progress we add a few basic pieces of kit, but nothing expensive or extensive, you can click to links to buy recommended equipment from SkyFit.Me.

Where can I train?

Anywhere you have a small space to move around in and an internet connection- the world is your own personal SkyFit.Me gym!

Are my SkyFit.Me time slots flexible?

SkyFitShare – No.

SkyFitSolo – We try to fix regular time slots as demand for peak times (such as early morning) is high, but we understand that things change and life, work, kids get in the way. If you need to rearrange we will always work with you. (click to terms and conditions?) It is also often possible to move a session to an evening or weekend for a small extra supplement.

If I miss one of my 2 or 3 weekly SkyFIt.Me sessions, can I carry it forward?

No, all sessions for the week must be taken within that week. As mentioned above we will offer you as many alternatives as possible but the sessions must be taken within the 7day time period, Monday to Sunday. This actually really works in your favour as it keeps motivation high and ensures you try really hard to get all your workouts in!

How does SkyFitShare work?

Using a conferencing facility a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people can link into a SkyFit.Me class. You have the choice of having your camera on, in which case you and the other participants can see each other as well as your trainer, or having the camera off, in which case no one can see you but you can see and follow the class. Participants need to come online a few minutes prior to the class and a good broadband speed is required. (see T&Cs)

What times are available?

You can discuss your daily schedule, available times and requirements with your trainer during the free consultation. Standard SkyFit.Me working hours are 06.00 – 16.00 GMT/BST, outside of these times there is small supplement to the price.

Do you need to be fit?

SkyFit.Me can be adapted to any level of fitness, and you will complete a health questionnaire before commencing training. Please read our medical disclaimer here.

What if I have an injury?

If you have an injury or go on holiday, or have any kind of situation that causes you to put your training on hold, it’s no problem- you pay weekly. We will also, of course, ease you back into training after time out for an injury, an emergency, a holiday, having a baby, and so on. Don’t forget you have a personal trainer, and a personal relationship- the beauty of SkyFit.Me is that we can work around you.

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